St Peters Anglican Church Darwin

We were five minutes late for the five pm service at St Peters. There
were about sixty adults and twenty kids there. It was informal,
friendly and the speaking was good. The speaker was Mark Dixon. He
used to be minister at Harbord in Sydney and years ago I spoke at
men's breakfast for him there. His assistant Bruce Chapman led the
meeting. They have only just started working here up from St Phillips
Eastwood. Afterwards they had a nice meal. The kids had a really
good time. And they were delighted that the Bible Passage being
taught this weekend was Ephesians 1.

I don't think there were any indigenous people present.

Apparently their morning service is much more traditional. I bought a
colour booklet and DVD about the Church Missionary Society's work
amongst the aboriginal people up here. More on that when I have read

After church we went out for pizza in the center of Darwin.