A nuclear disappointment

The open cut Ranger Uranium Mine at Jabiru

I had to have a phone conference with Sydney this morning which took longer than I had hoped. While I did that Cathie organised the kids to do their first bit of schoolwork in seven weeks so there was some silver lining.
After lunch we raced to the Ranger Uranium mine at Jabiru. Cathie had spotted tours of the mine advertised at 11, 1 and 3. And we have never had a tour of a Uranium mine before so it seemed like a good opportunity.
Well. We still haven't seen a Uranium mine tour. The tour only operates during the dry season and as we are now on the cross over between wet and dry it's just stopped.
We did get to take a couple of photos of the open cut mine through the barbed wire fence and the kids were able to get a sense of what an open cut mine looked like. But no answers to our thousands of questions about how the whole Uranium industry works.
We were a little disappointed but headed back to the main tourism info place for Kakadu and then down to Jim Jim Falls.