Domestic maintenance issues 2

Solomon wrestling a python just before going on the Spectacular Jumping Crocs ride.

While at the war museam I rang Waeco in QUeensland and discovered that
the fridge repair part that the local Waeco dealer was tellign us
would arrived at 10:30am would not in fact arrive until late on
Friday. This means that it would be potentially not to be repaired
till the following Monday.

Having done the two things worth doing in Darwin I didn't want to stay
till Monday (I know there's all sorts of crocodile stuff, but we have
been to Australia Zoo and we are goiong on a croc cruise). So asked
the Waeco people to send the replacement part to their dealer in
Broome. We went and picked up the portable fridge. So far on this
seven trip I have been to the Waeco service agent seven times. All in
all (at this stage) it's looking like a $1000 lemon. It not working
and the impact of that on frozen meat has been a major stress factor
on our holidays.

Sunshine Coast - Fridge stopped working
Sunshine Coast - Dropped fridge off to Waeco for repairs (visit one)
Sunshine Coast - Picked fridge up from Waeco after repairs (visit two)
Kings Canyon - Fridge stopped working
Alice Springs - Took fridge to service agent, unable to replicate
fault (visit three)
Tennant Creek - Fridge stopped working
Darwin - Monday morning, Took fridge to repair agent (visit four)
Darwin - Wednesday morning, Visited repair agent to check on progress
because concerned over lack of progress, told on/off switch wasn't
working, part had not been ordered (visit five)
Darwin - Wednesday morning, Visited repair agent to check on progress
because concerend over lack of progress, told part had been ordered
(visit six)
Darwin - Thursday morning - rang Waeco and was told that the part had
not yet been dispatched from Victoria
Darwin - Thursday lunchtime - rang Waeco and asked to send part to
service agent in Broome
Darwin - Thursday afternoon - visited Waeco agent and picked up fridge
(visit seven)
Broome - in a week or so - will take fridge to be repaired (visit eight)
Broome - in a week or so - will pick up fridge from repairs (visit nine)