Spectacular Jumping Crocodile Cruise

Bible time today was on Ephesians 4:1-16 and it was all about living
worthy of the calling we have recieved.

As we drove Cathie and I planned the next few days. We decided that
we wanted to visit some of the main scenic spots in Kakadu, do a croc
cruise and go to Ranger Uranium Mine.

Heading down the highway we saw a sign saying 'Spectacular Jumping
Crocodile Cruise' 11am, 1 and 3pm. As it was 2:50pm we turned left
and headed in.

Behind the counter they had stuck up fourty odd posters from the
Northern Territory Newspaper all with reports of croc killings.

In the five minutes we waited for the cruise to start a woman was
walking around with a diamond python. I didn't realise what was going
on until I turned and saw the python wrapped around Abraham. Anyway
the kids all had a go, then I was peer group pressured into it and
finally Cathie did. It's strange experience the feeling of a snake
wrapped around you.

Straight out of the dock we saw a huge crocodile - one of the biggest
in the river the captain said. They dangled bait over the side. The
croc came up. He snapped for it. And they lifted the bait in the
air. They managed to get the croc to jump at least a meter and a half
out of the water before giving him the bait. This process was
repeated with about five more smaller crocs during the cruise.

It was an hour tremendously well spent.

We overnighted at Jabiru.