The start of the wet season

Solomon with Fannie Bay and the Timor Sea behind him.

The timing of our trip was really influenced by the ministry demands of Christians in the Media and what worked best for the kid's schooling (last term of the year for Hannah Yr 6 and Solomon Yr 4). But in hindsight in terms of experiencing northern Australia (if we had thought about it more) we may have done better doing the actual northern Australian bit in July or August.

We are actually here in Darwin right at the very end of the tourist season, quite a few of the casual staff at Kings Canyon (for example) were finishing up as we left, there are lots of huge caravan parks with very few customers. Contrast this with stories we have heard of people being turned away from these same parks in July.

The reason there are less tourists now is that it is now very very hot. We have had several days with fourty degree temperatures. We are a little nervous about Kakadu tomorrow because we understand there's some bushwalking to do - and it is so hot.

Also we are starting to get the first taste of the wet season. I didn't really understand this when people spoke of it before. But it teamed down mid afternoon and at about two o'clock this morning.

One good thing is that it is so humid that the campervan air conditioner has been working very effectively. The air conditioner struggled in the dry heat of Uluru and Kings Canyon but has been working very well in the more humid Darwin climate.

Our plan now is to go Kakadu for a day and a half and then head across to Kunamurra and Lake Argyle on our way to the Kimberlies

Now this is a call out to my parents or sisters: Do you happen to have the itinerary of mum's school's early 1990's bus trip from Darwin to Perth? It would be interesting to compare.