4WD excitement in Kakadu

At Jim Jim Falls in Kakadu

I hadn't properly looked at the Kakadu brochures and so hadn't realised that Jim Jim Falls is judged one of the highlights of the national park. And yet because it is so hard to get to by 4WD many visitors don't see it.
But I was attracted to a little more 4WDing through the national parks. And this was brilliant.
It was 40kms south on the tar, then 50kms on a pretty rough corregated dirt road. Then 10 kilometers of the most exciting stimulating thrilling driving I've done. What a buzz 4WD'ing in Kakadu through sand, bumps, rocks, hills, little water courses. I had an absolutely brilliant time in Peter and Vini's Jeep. It handled itself so well. I found my inner 4WD enthusiast. And at the end a walk to a beautiful Jim Jim falls - which had stopped flowing but were no less beautiful.
On the way back Cathie held the camera on the dashboard to give me a record of the fun drive (and when we get a decent internet connection we will put that up on youtube).
Back on the bitchiman we listened to Ephesians 4:16-5:2, but I think we will probably need to finish this tomorrow. Then back to the campervan at 8:30pm.
Cathie heated up meat pies for dinner while the kids had a quick swim, then she retired early. And then what a delight as I was tidying the campervan I found my missing wallet.
All is good.