Cooinda and Edith Falls

Hannah, Solomon and Abraham at Edith Falls, Kakadu

Having seen Jim Jim Falls yesterday, today we headed south to Coolinda. We arrived about 11am. The next cruise on the Yellow Water wasn't till 2:45pm. We decided not to wait for this, but went down the the dock. Walking out along the dock there was a great view of the wetlands and no doubt it would have been a great experience, but the highlight would have been crocodiles and we have already had a very positive experience of that so we kept on going.
We stopped at the Cooinda Cultural Center which was good. We skipped the Aboriginal Rock Art.
We pulled into Edith Falls which was lovely. Solomon and Hannah swam all the way across to the waterfall on the other side. I was very proud of them for this as it's such a long swim.
I watched an episode of the west wing on my iphone while they did that. Abraham splashed around and Cathie read in the car.