WA, Lake Argyle and Kununurra

A full day of driving today - quite a bit of it at temperatures over 40degrees (the car is doing very well). There are 508 kilometers from Katherine to Kununurra. A great pack up saw us heading out of the park at 9:15. We filled up the campervan's gas bottle ($10 cheaper than Alice Springs) and headed west.

The Kimberly Ranges are spectacular. Really quite amazing.

We stopped at the WA border for a fruit check and picked up an extra hour and a half. They searched our car and campervan. We handed over lettuce, mushrooms and honey. And we ate the last of the grapes. The kids had fun lying down on the highway right on the border for the camera to establish that the traffic volumes were less than the traffic volumes on the NSW / QLD border.

Just over the border into WA was the sign for Lake Argyle. It was a 35 kilometer diversion (70 km return). Lake Argyle was a visionary initiative in the 1960's. It is Australia's biggest inland sea and it is man made. The ord river was dammed and a 1000 hectare lake created. We dropped the campervan at the caravan park then drove to the look out. It was truly spectacular.

Back to pick up the campervan then drive to Kununurra which, having been founded to serve the Lake Argyle construction process, is a town that is max fifty years old. We're spending two nights at the Big 4 campground here. It's going to be interesting to explore Kununurra tomorrow.