I don't think Hannah and Abraham realised how nervous I was

As we pulled into Kununurra last night Solomon began to vomit and he was up a bit overnight as well. Cathie was feeling like a subdued day so she and Solomon hung around Kununurra's air conditioned shopping center this morning.

Hannah, Abraham and I headed out to Ivanhoe Crossing. It's 12 kilometers out of Kununurra and is a causeway over the river. I put the jeep in 4WD and we headed across. On reflection I don't think we should have done that. We got there (in the kindness of God) but it was a bit too harrowing. The creek was fairly fast flowing.


Having got across we headed north but couldn't find the tourist spots that we were looking for and I was getting a bit nervous about the amount of petrol that we had in the tank.

I didn't want to go back across the Ivanhoe Crossing so we took another turn that on the map should have taken us to a turn off a little west of Kununurra, but there was no sign indicating that was the case. We drove for what seemed like ages with the tank on empty. Before God answered my prayers and gave us a T-junction. We turned left and headed back into Kununurra.

We had a spare 20 litres of fuel in the back of the 4WD but were relieved not to have needed it.

Then we headed out to a place called Zebra Rock where they sell rock with Zebra like colour patterns. I managed to get Hannah and Cathie Christmas presents.

On the way back we saw a Boag Tree. The kids could actually go inside this one. Apparently there is one near here that is so big that it was used as a prison to lock up offenders. I found that hard to believe until I saw this one.

Then it was back to pick up Cathie and Solomon who had had a much less eventful morning than us.