Halls Creek

Halls Creek Caravan Park is all red dirt.  Virtually no trees.  But there was a pool.  Hannah, Solomon Abraham and I ended up there pretty fast. 

As Cathie and I reviewed the day and thought about what was next we decided to scratch the Wolf Creek cater from our itinerary.

This will disappoint my father so a few words of explanation are required.

Dad has been encouraging us to visit the Wolf Creek crater.  And I like the idea.  And our friend Tim Walker wrote in his blog of a trip through here a month ago: 

About 150km down the TT is the Wolf Creek Crater the second largest  well preserved meteorite impact crater currently identified on the surface of this planet. This is a substantial bullet hole in the  Earth's surface with the bullet being a metorite about 30m in  diameter which impacted about 300,000 years ago. The crater is about  
850m in diameter and about 20m deep but it seems much deeper than this when you are standing on the top of the rim.

Maybe it extends 20m below the level of the surrounding land rather  than 20m below the rim. The sides of the crater form a noticeable  wide flat hill as you approach it. The inside of the crater was 120m  deep but has filled with sand and sediment over the millenia and is  now a round flat area covered with low lying scrub around a small  tree covered centre - obviously this is where the small amount of  rain that falls accumulates. Apart from the structure itself there  is very little to see. You cant find identifiable meteorite  fragments and even if you did it wouldnt be legal to take them. So,  you drive the 20km from the track up to the crater, walk up the rim,  look at it for 5 minutes then, unless you want to walk down and into  the centre, walk back to you car and do the 20km trip back to the TT  to continue south.

The Crater is worth diverting for and worth seeing - it is virtually  unique at a planetary level - but it doesnt take long to see once  you are there.

Tim was writing of diverting 20 kilometers off the Tinarmi Track (Halls Creek to Alice Springs) all dirt and 4WDing at it's hardest.  Spectacular but hard driving.  And the turn off to Wolf Creek was 100 kilometers down the Tinarmi Track.

Anyway after 150kilometers on dirt in the heat to do the Bungle Bungles.  I couldn't stomach another 200 kilometers on dirt to see the Wolf Creek Crater.  So that will have to be somehting we missed out on.

Sorry Dad!