Fitzroy Crossing - Thursday October 23

Fitzroy Crossing is another mostly aboriginal town.  1200 population.  There were two caravan parks.  And we stayed at the nicer one.  It was very very nice.  Total contrast to the night before at Halls Creek.  Grass.  And a resterant.  

The Fitzroy River is the largest river in WA.  When it flows it flows.  At it's peak it would fill Sydney Harbour in five hours.  We travelled 20 kilomters out of town to Geike Gorge and to a National Parks Cruise.  

I hadn't realised there are commercial operators and national parks cruses.  Our guide was friendly, professional but dull.  We did see a croc, did see some spectacular scenary.  But after the terrrific tour we had had at Katherine Gorge I confess to a little disappointment.

We had a talk with the national parks guys afterwards and asked them about damming the Fitzroy.  It was clear that just south of Lake Argyle there was lots of productive land, whereas around the Fitzroy River this had not been the case.

They were strongly opposed to any talk of damming the Fitzroy.  They were of the view that every river that the government had dammed they had ruined.  They pointed out that they weren't properly utilising the water in Lake Argyle.  


The kids went to the campervan pool and Hannah lost her watch.

We made dinner for the kids in the campervan and while they watched Crocodile Dundee in LA I took Cathie out for dinner.  I love these moments with Cathie.