Welcome all to Broome

A long days driving to Broome.  Hot, flat and uneventful.  We listened to Williamson's Welcome All to Broome and John Piper challenging students to consider cross cultural Christian ministry.

When we finally got to Broome what a thrill to have arrived on the other side.  Off course I have been to WA probably eight times before.  But apart from 60 kilometers (which Cathie drove today) I have now driven all the way across Australia.

Of course there are many people who have done this, but still for me it was a thrill.  I rang Peter Riches to let him know that we had got his car safely to the Indian Ocean.

I took our WAECO fridge to the Broome WAECO dealer to be repaired.  The part had arrived.  But it was 4pm Friday so they will probably look at it on Monday.