Deciding on a Bungle Bungle plan - Tuesday October 21

It's been in the low 40's the last few days. I did a little research
on getting to the Bungle Bungles by talking to some other tourists.
You drive 50 kms to the highway, then 250 kilometers south. There are
two roadhouses on the way, the last of which is Turkey Creek (what a
terrible name).

Then you go another 50 kilometers, then turn left on dirt to the
Bungle Bungles (no campervans/caravans). When you get to the visitors
center (unmanned) you pay your $10 entry fee then go right 25
kilometers on dirt to Cathedral Gorge or left 25 kilometers on dirt to
Echidna Cavern.

There's a two hour walk at Cathedral Gorge and a one hour walk at
Echidna Cavern. Then you turn around and drive back.

Alison Lester's excellent book for kids about driving around Australia
makes a big feature of going to the Bungle Bungles so our kids were

Would we go tonight and stop at Turkey Creek or head off at 4am with a
view to getting their at say 8am and doing the walk in the relative
cool of the day?

Another caravaner reminded us of the number of dead animals on the
road and that talked us out of the night drive.

So we packed up as much as we could, got all ready, went to bed with
the alarm set for 4am.