Demolition Derby at Broome Anglican Church - Sunday October 26

Cathie, Solomon and Abraham visited Broome Anglican Church this morning, which is pastored by Tim and Kathy Mildenhall, while Hannah and I recuperated.   They came home with the most incredible story.

We had noticed signs the day before for the Broome Speedway and had actually considered going.  Apparently one of the events on the program was a demolition derby. The Anglican Church entered a car decorated by the youth group and sunday school kids and driven by the assistant minister Lachlan Edwards, who showed some signs that he must have done something interesting before theological college.

Anyway he drove the church's car and demolished (literally) the opposition.  

There was video at church the next morning and the mood was one of jubliation.

Cathie she reported that not only can Lachlan Edwards drive better than all the other demolition derby drivers in Broome but he can preach very well indeed.

I was sorry to miss both events.

In the afternoon we spent a quiet time at the caravan park.  Then WAECO dealer rang at 4pm to say they had finished repairing our fridge. Now here's a bouquet.  We took it in on Friday at 4pm and it was ready on Sunday at 4pm.  Kiss Refrigeration at Broome = ten points.