Happy Birthday Solomon - Monday October 27

Ten years ago today our eldest son Solomon was born.  Today we gave him his own saxophone.  It was a really nice breakfast time sitting around as a family giving presents, getting phone calls from home, reading out cards.  He is such a mature, strong, confident Christian boy.  I am so proud of him. 

We have decided that this has been too hot.  And we need to get to cooler weather as soon as possible and so we want to put in a couple of long days driving heading south.

We drove 605 kilometers today mostly sitting at 105.  (Speed limit is 110).  Much of the drive was in the low forties temperatures that have become common (they tell us it is an unusually warm October).  

Poor Abraham caught was Hannah and I had (and which we think we caught from Solomon).  And so Abraham threw up about seven times.  

We only really stopped for vomit maintenance.  I had a deadline to be part of an important church council meeting via phone conference and we had to get close enough to Port Hedland (the brochure calls it 'the economic heartbeat of Australia') for mobile reception.

ps I am very pleased with the outcome.  Details to follow.