Mad dogs and englishmen go out in the midday sun - Wednesday October 22

Abraham, Cathie and Hannah at the Bungle Bungles
The alarm went at 4am. Cathie and I did all the packing while the
kids tried unsuccessfully to sleep in the back. It was 30+ degrees at
6:30am as we were heading south.

At about 8:30 we arrived at the turn off from the highway and left the
campervan just off the highway inside the Mapel Down's Cattle


You have to drive about 50 kilometers on 4WD track through
the private property of Mapel Downs to get to the National Park. It
was good 4WDing. We only had one big water patch to get through.
Hannah walked through it first as their was no indication of depth
(only up to her knees). Then we headed across.

(video to follow)

The dirt track was very slow maximum speed 40 often much slower. It
took the best part of two hours to do the 50 kilometers.

Then after registering and paying our day entry fee we headed to
Cathedral Gorge.

I was a little nervous about the WAECO fridge which was running in the
back of the car. We couldn't risk turning it off. But it is was
running at full power and it was 42 degrees.

We walked the hour to Cathedral Gorge, all armed with two litres of
water. It was hot. Too hot. Exhausting. Brilliant at the end. But
brilliant enough? I am not sure. We only saw two other cars and one
small 4WD tour bus in the place.

Apparently the Bungle Bungles get 44,000 tourists a year. So I must
assume they come on days when it is cooler.

The drive back was difficult. Not much fun. It was 43 degrees. The
car found it hard going. We had to turn the air conditioning off.

Finally we arrived at the highway. It was fantastic to be back on the
tar. Back to 90km/hour. Back to having air conditioning on. Back to
having other cars going past. Back to no winging.

It was such a relief to pull into Halls Creek at 4pm. I had been
going hard for 12 hours.

Bungle Bungle review: Spectacular. But not sure it was worth the heat/