Pearl Diving & Camel riding in Broome

Saturday morning: off to the tourist center and then Boome Markets. There was no decent coffee at the markets. But there was a Christian bookstall in the market (perhaps this is something we should do at Glebe Markets?). I had a nice conversation with the guy at the bookstall who had used Introducing God and Ideas that changed the world.
Broome has had a huge pearl diving history. We went for a tour on a pearl lugger this morning. This was fascinating. It was amazing to hear how much money had been made and horrific to hear how many (particularly Japanese) died in the Peal Diving industry.


In the afternoon we went camel riding on Cable Beach near Broome. We were running a little late and Cathie, Solomon and Abraham raced ahead along the beach towards the waiting camel line.


Hannah and I walked a little slower feeling a little queasy.

The camel behind me was Ned which apparently worked with Nicole Kidman in the movie Australia at Kununurra a few months ago. So when you see that movie and Nicole and her camel think of me!

We were on our way back when Hannah threw up twice. She and I spent the afternoon throwing up. In the evening Cathie took us to Broome Casualty. Most of our concerns were about Hannah who was looking very very dry and not holding any water down at all. But we were both given drugs and drips and then discharged around one am.
Cathie wrote a prayer point to a friend during the time we were in hospital:
Hi. Just a quick prayer point. Dominic and Hannah are both in Broome Hospital on drips with gastro or food poisoning. They are both feeling awful, and Hannah particularly is very miserable. I must say I am partly relieved that they are not still in the camper. It's one thing maintaining a semblance of order and cleanliness in normal camping, but with two people vomiting today, its been a challenge. It felt good to do a big clean after dropping them at hospital. Now the dishes are washed, the beds are made, the boys are asleep, and we just have to see whether D and H can drink gastrolyte before they come home. Personally, I don't think H can drink gastrolyte when she is healthy. No wonder she is miserable. Thanks for praying, love Cathie