Glass Bottomed Boat at Coral Bay

This morning Hannah, Solomon, Abraham and I headed out on the Glass
Bottomed boat at Coral Bay. Cathie had a morning at home by herself.

I decided against the six hour cruise and went instead for the two
hour cruise with two opportunities to snorkel. It was lovely.

The guide wasn't much of a talker but the view was amazing. He took
us out on a glass bottomed boat to a patch in the middle of the reef.
The kids got in first and complained that it was cold. I was sure
that I would hate it (not being much of a fan of cold water) but
surprisingly I think they had over reacted.

I didn't think it was too cold and the view under the water was amazing.

They fed lots of fish off the back off the boat while we paddled
around amongst the fish that were being fed.

I thought the coral was better than the coral I had seen at the
southern end of the Great Barrier Reef.

Solomon and Hannah seemed to be swimming fairly freely around the boat
(Hannah more than Solomon) so I tried to encourage Abraham to come out
with me on a rope away from the boat. He started but quickly retreated.

After a while all the kids were back on board and in fact I was last
of the adults to get back on board (which means I must have been
enjoying it).

Then we headed to another spot and repeated the exercise.

This time Abraham didn't go in at all. Solomon went in for a small
time. Hannah and I headed off up the current to where the captain
said we might be able to see turtles. We didn't but had a nice time

On the way back I recorded a short video announcement for church this
Sunday - re our new executive pastor Matt Lemsing (see seperate post).

What fun!