Solomon and Fishing

For his birthday we bought Solomon a fishing line. He has been asking
to buy bait and go fishing. So today I took him fishing. Abraham was
assistant fisherman. Hannah came along for a look.

We went to the beach. You are not aloud to fish from the pier at
Monkey Mia as that is where they feed the dolphins and they don't want
you to accidentally fish up on of the pet dolphins.

So because it was pretty hard to throw the line in from the beach
Abraham carried it into the shallows each time.

The fish cleverly managed to eat the bait without getting hooked.

After about an hour I got bored and came home. But on the way we met
Cathie who had decided that she was interested in fishing. Solomon
and Abraham and Cathie stayed out fishing for another hour or so.

Everyone was late to bed. No one caught anything.