Denham Anglican Church

This morning we visited Denham Anglican Church. I missed going to
church last week in Broome because I was sick. . There were ten
people there plus us. We significantly lowered the average age. As I
think I was younger than the anyone in the regular congregation. The
service was headed up by a nice guy called Al, who has a son in fourth
year Moore College this year, who is going to Gunnedah Anglican next

He spoke well on Genesis 2-3 and 1 Timothy 2.

After church I met a fascinating man Mark Sewell. Mark has been in
Denham eight years, Christian for four, married for three. He was
church warden.

Mark told me that he used to work as maintenance guy at Fitzroy
Crossing resort (where we stayed a few weeks ago). His comment about
Fitzroy Crossing was that everyone their was either 'wanted or
unwanted.' That it was a place that you go to hide.

His was a remarkable story of coming to Christ. I was really

After church we headed south.