Dinner in Perth with Kate Roach

It was a long drive on the Tuesday all the way into Perth. We arrived at our Caravan Park at Ascot at 6pm. We quickly set up the campervan (Hannah got changed) and then headed to west perth to Han's resterant for dinner.

On the way on the Great Eastern Highway we saw lots of people looking very well dressed. At first we thought it was a group of people heading from a wedding to a wedding reception. Then we realised that there were too many people for it to be a wedding. It was a few minutes before we remembered that the Melbourne Cup had been run (We have been so out of touch with life the last little while).

We finally got to dinner with Kate a little late and had a very pleasant evening. I first met Kate at Introducing God in 2003. Since then she has become a good friend of Cathie's as well.