Mock Court - Friday

The things that were closed yesterday were open today.

We walked past the old Supreme Court building that was closed and this time the front door was open. Inside there was a year eight class on a school excursion about to enact a trial. We stopped to watch.
It was the trial of 15 year old John Gavin. He was an apprentice farm hand who early in the Colony's history killed his bosses' son. He was found not guilty, but then confessed and was then hanged. They gave out scripts to the child playing the judge, the barristers, the witnesses etc. It was great.
At the end our kids dressed up in the trial clothes and we checked out the history of the court.

WA as the last state to formally abolish capital punishment as late as 1984 (Astonishing!) The last person to actually be hung in WA was in 1963.