Fremantle Jail

Solomon has been wanting to visit Fremantle mainly I think because it is the home of the dockers. So having been to the Bells, the Chocolate Factory and our ancestral home we headed west to the Port city of Fremantle.

We went to the jail because that was the only place in Fremantle we had heard of. Apparently Western Australia began as a free colony, but they ran into trouble and needed more labor so they asked Britain to send them some prisoners (NSW and Victoria had said they didn't want any more at this stage).

The convicts arrived and were immediately set to work to build a jail. This jail stayed in operation until 1993. It was finally closed because it didn't have any toilet system and the buckets used smelt so dreadful (two men per cell, buckets only emptied once per day).

We saw the gallows where they executed prisoners. They told us of the 44 people who went into the room and never left. One of them I think was 15 year old John Gavin.