The Swan Bells - Saturday

We've tried the last two days to check out the Swan Bells and missed out both days. Abraham was really keen so first thing this morning we headed into town (amazing that one can easily get a park two blocks from the center of Perth). Anyway we paid our money and headed up.

The bells were a gift from the London church St Martins in the Fields and are spectacularly displayed. I was interested to see inside the tower a clock from a church in Bishopscourt in London. The church was destroyed in an IRA bombing and the clock rescued and later given to the city of Perth.

We were able to climb right to the top of the Belltower (which they claim is the world's largest musical instrument) and I was able to take these photos.
This one shows how close we are to the center of the city.
This one shows how close we were able to park (see if you can spot where the jeep is!)