Dalkiesh Anglican - Sunday

Steele family with Shelly Smith at Dalkeish Anglican
Yesterday we visited my father's old home at Darlington. On the phone
from Sydney my dad had suggested that we knock next door at the
Wheeler's house. Dad became great friends with the Wheeler boys when
he was living in Darlington half a century ago. Anyway for various
reasons we didn't.

This morning (after a very efficient campervan packup) we were
thinking we might go to St Alban's in Perth where John and Siew
Wheeler go to church (John Wheeler was dad's best friend from
childhood and late became the father of Jeremy (husband of my sister

Anyway we decided not to go to St Albans and instead to see another
friend Peter Smith, the minister at Dalkeish Anglican. As we arrived
at Dalkiesh Anglican, I attached the security lock to the campervan
trailer wheel and we headed into church.

Then what a surprise as we were singing the opening songs I felt a
hand on my shoulder. It was John Wheeler. He and Siew had transfered
to Dalkeish Anglican four years ago.

It was great to see them and they took us out to lunch at their local
Chinese resteraunt.

While we were at church and the kids were at kids church there was a
fire in the Sunday School. I'm planning to post a video of the kids
explaining what happened.

Photo of Dalkeish Anglican's excellent teenagers space!