Two stupid mistakes

Now here's an embarassing story. Siew came in our car to the resteraunt. Cathie went with John in their mercedes.

First mistake
I forgot to take the security lock off the campervan wheel and drove off. The lock dragged on the ground making a huge amount of noise, damaging our tyre in the process, but didn't hinder our progress (and we couldn't hear the noise from inside the car).

We stopped on Alexander Road in Dalkeith just ahead of the Waratah Avenue intersection (there was honking from the car behind). It was John urgently trying to get our attention to let us know about the dragging lock.

I stopped on the road which is almost level but is a slight uphill incline. John stopped about three meters behind me and hopped out to point out the problem. I felt like an idiot.

It was clear I needed to reverse a little and relieve the pressure of the lock pressing against the tyre and wheel and pray that this fixed things and didn't make the problem worse.

Second mistake
I reversed a little then stopped, put the handbrake on and hopped out to see what I should do next (had I gone too far or too little?).

Then I made my second mistake: Although I did put the handbrake on (when I hopped out) I failed to put the car into park. There was a slight incline and the handbrake wasn't on tightly enough to stop the combined weight of the car and trailer rolling.

Our car and van rolled down the hill in reverse. Siew (in the passenger seat tried to stop the car by pulling the handbrake on harder but the momentum was too much). I raced back to the car jumped in and slammed the gears into park. But it was too late. The spare wheel on the back of the campervan crashed into John's mercedes' front light. The mercedes' right front light was smashed, the light's windscreen wiper bent and the car's right front grill was bent.

John's car was parked behind me at the time. It was completely my error. The significant damage was to his front right headlight and front grill.