We were heading for the continent's south west corner but on the way
Abraham was looking at the South West West Australia tourist brochures
and as we drove asked if we could stop at a cave - so we headed to
cave road.

We stopped at 4pm and after paying they gave us flashlights and
helmets. We headed into the cave. You could turn right and go
underground in the dark for 200 meters and then come back to the
entrance and go left for 200meters. First we went right as their was
a school ground doing abseiling in the left hand wing.

The caves were great. On the first trip we enjoyed seeing stalagmites
etc. Two children got in trouble for touching the columns and had to
sit out for part of the exploration.

When we headed left it was great to watch a year ten group absailing
down a tunnel into the caves and to think that in just a few years our
kids will be old enough to do this.