Australia's last whaling station

When I last visited the Whaling Station in 1976 it was still an operating whaling station, the last operating whaling station on the Australian mainland. There was an extraordinary stench from where they guys worked cutting up the whales for whale blubber. Whaling was banned in Australia in 1978 and now all that is a thing of the past.

The whaling station is now a museum, a historical record of the Australian whaling industry.

We arrived at 3:08 and joined the 3pm tour. The whaling station is well set up for tourists. There was an excellent audio presentation on the flencing deck (the deck where they cut up the whales) and four video presentations, one shown in each of the great tanks where they used to store the whale oil. The video presentations were varied: one shown on the floor, another a three screen presentation, one in 3D and the third using a holograph technique.

And we were able to explore the last and largest whaling vessel used in Australia.

So why was I so disappointed with the whaling station? The information, content and presentation was excellent. But the guide made me feel like cattle. I felt rushed through. They had a work crew putting down new tarmac outside the video presentations meaning that I wasn't able to hear the presentations. They felt to me like a successful business that had too many customers and had now grown complacent.

Another night in Albany and our first bath in 70+ days - Wednesday November 12
We left the whaling station at five and didn't feel like setting off for Esperance (or anywhere for that matter). So we went to the other Big-4 in Albany (not wanting to go back to the same park that we had left that morning - as it felt a little weird to have packed the campervan, driven around all day and then driven back with the campervan to the same park). This one was excellent. It had a family bathroom and a bath.

I don't have many baths. But not having had one for 70 days it was lovely for all of us.

And we loved playing table tennis and pool in the games room in the morning.