Gloucester Tree - Tuesday

Cathie on her way up the Gloucster tree
In 1976 when in sixth class on a trip across Australia with my parents
and three sisters I climbed the 60+ meter Gloucster Tree with my dad
(my memory at the time was that it was the tallest tree in
Australia). I am fairly sure that my mum and three sisters sat out.
But as soon as our kids heard that I had climbed it the lobbying

I don't remember that in 1976 there was a sign against children
climbing the tree. Anyway that I had climbed it when in sixth class
meant that the junior lobbiers were not going to be dissuaded. Cathie
and I capitulated and up we went. Abraham first, Cathie second,
Solomon third, then Hannah and then me.

During the climb the NRMA rang to ask me about Sunday's accident (I
had lodged the claim yesterday). I explained that I was halfway up
Australia's tallest tree and they offered to call back.