Wednesday morning we woke up slowly, packed the campervan and headed out to the shops. There were a few things to do. We had missed buying meat for the trip to Adelaide (when we were in Perth) so we needed to do that before heading across the Nullabor. Plus we had to get our campervan's spare tyre repaired.

Anyway it took a while and it was half past two by the time we had been to the tourist info station and had lunch and were on our way to Albany Whaling Station.

On the way to the whaling station I reminded Cathie and the kids about my last trip there in 1976 when I got lost in the national park. I was running ahead with my sister Natasha when we had an argument about which way to go. She said to go one way, I said the other. She was right, I was wrong. I was lost for hours in the park.