Fishing in Esperance

A 500 kilometer drive east to Esperance. Pretty uneventful. We arrived at 4pm and had a lovely campsite on the front row of the caravan park overlooking the kids park, overlooking the beach. Esperance claims to have the best beaches in Australia, but it was a little windy to enjoy them. (I watched the last two episodes of season three of the west wing, Cathie had a sleep. Abraham and Solomon went fishing from the Esperance Jetty.

Coming out of Esperance I was pulled over after going through a roundabout. Apparently WA has different indicator laws on roundabouts to NSW and VIC. I was traveling straight through the roundabout and so hadn't indicated (which is the correct way to do it in NSW). But as I was in WA I should have indicated on exit. I said I wouldn't do it again and was leaving the state immediately and that there probably weren't any more roundabouts between here at the WA border. They let me go with a grin!