1200 Km without a turn & Fraser Range Station

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bH-FZgrzyio We pulled in to Fraser Range Station 100km east of Norseman for the evening. We stopped on a whim a little earlier than we had planned (4pm). We stopped because we liked the romantic idea of an evening on a cattle station. They were promising station tours, outback life etc. However the owners have destocked and are selling the station, and the guy temporarily in charge of the was from Adelaide and although very friendly it wasn't really what we had expected.


It was freezing in the middle of the night (cold winds across the desert). I am sitting in the car writing this now as the cold wind blows outside and we are about to go on a walk to check out the cattle station before heading off for the day.

After six weeks of filing in the Adelaide couple temporarily running the campground are totally bored and so spoke to us more than any other campground manager.

Cheapest site so far: $25. But you had to pay a $1 for a shower.