Hey this was exciting: Sea Lion!


The kids have been setting up the camper trailer on their own for a week or so now. Today they did most of the packing up while Cathie and I had a chat. When we set off we headed down to the beach to look for Solomon's hat and thong that he lost yesterday while fishing (they were blown off the jetty in the wind). Someone had told him there was a chance they may be washed up on the beach.

Anyway we didn't see Solomon's hat or thong, but we saw something much better, a sea lion. First we spotted him sunbaking on the beach. Then we saw him head into the water following a fisherman along the jetty. We worked out that the sea lions keep a close eye on the fishermen. They are interested in eating the scraps when the fishermen clean the fish that they have just caught. The sea lion was joined by a mate and then it headed back up on to the beach. It was a lovely surprise and enormously satisfying.

We listened to a Bible Talk today on Matthew 17.