Norseman the horse


We drove 200km north to Norseman, which marks the start of the Nullabor Plain. Norseman is a gold city. It started when a horse called Norseman got some quartz with gold in it stuck in it's hoof. The owner inspecting the horses hoof found the quartz with gold, made a land claim, the town started and the gold rush was on. In the first year or so they mined 4,000 ounces of gold and towns population boomed. Now they mine 100,000 ounces per year through the Norseman Gold Mining Company. I thought Norseman was a nice town. There were some quaint character things - most notably a statue of Norseman (the horse) and a series of galvanised iron camels.

Cathie has always been very competitive. But I found a new way today. There was a park with see-saws. Now I hadn't noticed that we don't have see-saws any more in NSW. But our children have grown up without learning to see-saw. So we gave them a go on the Norseman see saws (which were very high quality see saws). Cathie is a competitive aggressive see sawer. I am a more passive see sawer. I didn't much enjoy see sawing with her. But Cathie and Solomon had a lovely competitive aggressive see saw duel and they were both happy.