146.6km completely straight

Today was a big driving day, from Fraser Range Station to Eucla. Not our longest trip ever but a big day. We went on a short walk to the station lookout at the start of the day to burn a little energy then we got into the car.

On leaving Fraser Range we headed first through Australia's largest eucalypt forest on the edge of the Nullabor.

First stop was Balladonia Station. Balladonia has had one day of fame. When Skylab crashed on it in 1979. There was a great little story about US President Jimmy Carter ringing the petrol station to say sorry about the American Space Craft accidentally crashing on their cattle station and offering to put things right.

Then just out of Balladonia was the start of the 90 mile stretch (146.6 km) of straight road. There was another couple parked there who offered to take a photo of our whole family in front of the sign (but he put his finger over the lens so didn't succeed).

We stopped at a Blowhole - only to be disappointed that it was an air blowhole not a water blowhole. And we couldn't really feel much air coming out of it. All a bit underwhelming.

Then there was a few more petrol stations and we finally stopped at Eucla. Just short of the SA border. On;y $20 for accomodation here. Interesting though that they are so short of water that there are no drinking water taps at the caravan park to attach the campervan.

There were two stretches of highway with RFDS landing strips marked. We listened to Sam Russell's talk on Revelation 2 today. I am impressed at the kids concentration. Sam spoke for 54 minutes and they paid attention well. Then the kids watched another two episodes of Lockie Leonard and Star Wars.