Ceduna to Port Augusta

At Ceduna after we arrived Solomon lost his AFL ball very high up a tree. The first time he did this we found a pole and knocked the ball out. The second time it was even higher and too high to be reached with the pole. Next morning he climbed on my shoulders and then up the tree.

At first Cathie and I were planning to go the 800km to Adelaide today but in a Sunday night meeting in the laundry at Ceduna's caravan park we decided that that would leave me exhausted and as there was no need to do that instead we would do the more conservative 400km to Port Augusta.

The other thing we did was call Cath and Otto Peeters to see if we could call in on them at Broken Hill on our way back to Sydney. But it turns out they are coming to Adelaide at the same time that we will be there. So we arranged to have dinner with them on Tuesday night.