Exploring Adelaide

Cath and Otto had had appointments on Wednesday but were keen to catch up again so we arranged to meet them for coffee at Glenelg.

Then we headed into Adelaide on the tram. I think we are feeling fairly full of tourist things. In fact as tourists we are feeling comfortably full and so really are ready to come home. But we thought since we were in Adelaide we ought to pay it the respect of a visit.

We headed into town. Solomon spotted the AFL store which he found fascinating while I bought lunch.

We managed to find Abraham Harry Potter Seven. He's read most of the series during this holiday.

We found the central Adelaide tourist info place which I though was more helpful than the one in Brisbane. But it still didn't have the 'must do' list of things to do in Adelaide that I've been looking for. Without this list we walked down North Terrace for a while. And this was interesting. There are a great list of South Australian notables who have been turned into busts and statues along the terrace.
We were also struck by the Adelaide war memorial. I think one of the really big lessons of this trip has been the overwhelming impact of the war on our national history. This is obviously something that we new academically before but there has been a significant cumulative impact from seeing so many memorials.