Sand dune telegraph station at Eucla

I hurried everyone up during the morning pack up because I was keen to go and see the old Eucla. Apparently the road and the petrol station used to be right on the coast near where the old telegraph station was. This has now been covered up with sand dunes. On my walk back from the toilet a lady told me that there was a turn off west a little that we should turn south towards the coast on.

We headed back the way we came for 25 mins then, as Cathie was loosing patience with my crazy scheme, turned around. 50 mins after we set out back at the caravan park we found the turn off that I had missed.

I think seeing the sand dune covered telegraph station was well worth it. I have become very interested in these old telegraph stations since seeing the one that is well restored and looked after at Tennant Creek. The kids thought it was more fun sliding down the sand.