BP Adelaide: Our cheapest fill in 19842kms

We went to bed about 11 on Friday night. But Cathie and I were both awake at 1:30am. It was a while before we each realised the other was awake. The wind was so strong and violent. And our campervan is not really designed for super strong winds. And this was a super strong wind. That's what the weather forecast said (I checked it on my iphone). But that's what we felt. And we were camped right by the beach at Adelaide Shores.

After an hour and a half of lying in bed unable to sleep we decided that we may as well get up slowly and then head off at say 4am. Rather than lie in bed frustrated till 7. Then get up. Also it felt like too much pressure was being put on the campervan by the strong winds.

Cathie got up, made us a coffee. Then the wind died down. Then we fell asleep.

We eventually left at about ten am. We saw petrol at $1.06 which was so exciting as we had paid more than a $1 more per litre for several days in a row in parts of the NT. As soon as we had paid $1.06 we saw it on sale for $1.03 so our joy was short lived.

We are getting excited about clicking up 20000km later today