What a thrill to be back in NSW

Cheers as we came across the border of NSW

We are all getting very excited about coming home. There were loud cheers in the car as we crossed the border into NSW. And what a thrill to see a Sydney paper on sale at a petrol station. We spent Saturday night in Hay.

Sunday morning we were up at 7:30am. We were out and driving with everyone breakfasted and the campervan packed by 8:45. We have got much faster as a family at the breakfast and whole pack up thing. It was originally taking us a good two hours. Then we went hunting for churches in Hay.

Please pray for Hay. The Presbyterians only meet once a month. I can't remember what the Unitings were doing. The Anglicans had a note on the door saying that there was no service today. And when we found the Baptists they were having a slow day.

There was the pastor, his wife and their two kids and a Sri Lankan doctor and his wife and their kids and us. The pastor had not prepared a service and the other church families were away.

The pastor in Hay had been their for 17 years. I think we were an encouragement to them. But they do need a lot of prayer. Solomon particularly prayed an excellent prayer for Hay in the open prayer time in the service. It's a delight to watch the Spirit at work in him.

Then we headed for the south coast where we will spend the rest of this week resting before coming back to Sydney to restart work and life next Monday.