To Grans' at Sylvania

Wednesday morning we were up early, packed the campervan and headed to Sylvania to visit Janet (Cathie's mum)., who of course we haven't seen for several months. We arrived at lunchtime and enjoyed our first meal with a table cloth in 90 days. It was lovely to catch up with her and Neville and the kids just overflowed with stories and information.

The children slept in Janet's spare room and Cathie and I stayed in the campervan (again the first time in threee months that the five of us hadn't slept in the campervan).

It was strange not waking up with the children on the other side of the campervan and we were early for breakfast. Excited to be back in Sydney. Then we gave the campervan a huge clean out and put everything from inside the van in Janet's car (because we can't put the van up in our car port) and headed home.