Back to Annandale & Stanmore

Cathie drove Hannah in to the inner west in Janet's car while the boys and I drove in the 4WD. As we came through Marrickville Solomon asked if we could drive past chruch to see what had happened there while were were away. It thrilling to see the back wall up and the columns that will back the back of the enlarged auditorium.

Mat and Ros (who have been living in our house) were on hand to great us and Matt helped put the campervan in the carport. I took the jeep down to the car detailers to have it properly cleaned for Peter and Vini (who lent it to us). And then we started the huge taske of packing and sorting.

It was a little silly how many things we unpacked that we had taken all the way around the country and not used. Some books that I had planned to read, some sporting equipment, some baking trays. All sorts of things. But we just laughed.

Mum and Dad were at the my sister's daughter Kalani's birthday and so they came for dinner which was great (takeaway pizza).

We slept in our own beds. The house seems much darker than the caravan and the our bedroom strangely dark and private. We had to open up more windows because we were used to more of a breeze.

21,350km and we have done it! It's good to be home.