Preaching Christ Crucified

We've just kicked off a major series on Sunday nights hoping to address particular issues that we face as a church. I've called it 'A letter to us that's not to us'. Here's the outline and talk from last Sunday night.

This Sunday night I am speaking on preaching Christ Crucified from 1 Corinthians 1:18-2:5.

To think ahead...

Read 1 Corinthians 1:18-25
1. Remember from last week that the Corinthians were dividing over silly things. What is the real ‘division’ in this world (v18)?
2. What does God think of human wisdom (v19-20)?
3. How did God turn the tables on human wisdom (v21)?
4. Greeks are looking for wisdom, Jews are looking for power. Why might the idea of a crucified messiah trip up both groups (v22-23)?
5. What totally different view of Jesus and the cross do you get when God calls you (v24-25)? kick off The cross
6. Why is the cross the ultimate answer to people getting carried away with pride, thinking we’re strong or clever?
7. Think about the idea that the real division in this world shouldn't be in the church, but rather it is the great eternal divide between the saved and the perishing. Discuss all the consequences you can for us as a church, from that gospel truth.
8. If Greeks thought the cross was foolish, and the Jews thought it was weak… what barriers do Australians put up to belief in Jesus’ death for them? How can we address this?

Questions taken from a study by Southern Cross Presbyterian Church.