Camper Trailer Crash

Well our trusty camper trailer was parked out the front of our house and a Jeep Cherokee slammed into the back of it on Tuesday morning at 8:15.

The damage was extensive. Every panel is damaged and the two truck people who took it to the dealers at Penrith were afraid that it would collapse on the way. It certainly wouldn't have been possible for us to have towed it with our car.

Apparently the driver who smashed into the parked campervan came through the roundabout, was heading for a head on smash with a car coming the other way, but then overcorrected and smashed in the back of our parked campertrailer. The driver was OK. It took ages for the two trucks to come.
We've sent the camper trailer back to the dealer at Penrith. I think they are expecting that it will be written off but we will find out in the next few days.

The four wheel drive isn't too damaged but it appears that they don't put campertrailers through the same crash testing regime.