Where is God in the bushfires - this Sunday at Annandale Community Church

The bushfires in Victoria have prompted us to make a last minute change to our teaching program at Annandale Community Church and Christians in the Media this Sunday.

Our scheduled series - Connections for Life - will be delayed a week and instead this Sunday (February 15, I  will address the difficult topic - Where is God in the bushfires?

A tragedy of this scale causes us to pause and think. It raises questions both for people of faith and of no faith. How could God let such a catastrophe happen? Does God care? Why would someone deliberately light fires? If there is no God and 'mother nature' neither knows nor cares, why do we cry in anguish over such meaningless deaths? Dominic will tackle these issues at City Bible Forum on Wednesday and Thursday lunchtimes and then offer you the opportunity to anonymously comments or questions.

We will also be encouraged as we rally together to help one another.  These meeting will include a special time of prayer prayer for all those affected as well opportunities to offer financial assistance.

Please think carefully about who you know has been impacted by the bushfires and invite them to join us this Sunday at church.

I will also be giving this address and we will be praying for victims at Sydney's City Bible Forum this week on Wednesday February 11 and Thursday February 12.  Wednesday lunchtimes 

The start of our next series will be delayed by one week.  On Sunday February 22, I will begin a series on 'Making Connections for Life,' from the first chapter of the book of Revelation.

Annandale Community Church, 9:30am and Christians in the Media 6:30pm
meeting during building renovations at Annandale Neighbourhood Center
79 Johnston Street
Annandale  NSW  2038

City Bible Forum
Wednesdays, 12:10-12:50pm or 1:10-1:50pm, lunch $7
Angel Place Conference Centre, 123 Pitt St

Thursdays, 1:10-1:50pm
Lunch from 1pm $7
Upper Chapter House, St Andrew's Anglican Cathedral, Corner George and Bathurst
Contacts: Peter Kaldor, Russ Matthews