Big Day In | Connect 09

In 2006 I and a number of others were invited along to a few meetings in St Andrews House where the Archbishop was calling for ideas on what could be done to motivate the entire Anglican Church in Sydney to better make Jesus known.

It was exciting to see this all kick off with a launch by Peter Jensen last weekend.

Our church joined 200+ churches linking up for a joint church meeting involving 50,000+ Christians all praying together that we could be used by God to Connect or Introduce our city to God.

We found it enormously encouraging to hear and see the work being done by other churches across the city and the way they are stretching for Christ.

The telecast was hosted at Kellyville and involved crosses to Engadine and Campsie.

The only disappointment was to hear during the week that some of the churches that I had assumed would be part of the telecast in fact weren't. I am praying that they are still planning to be part of the Connect 09 campaign.