City Bible Forum - Wednesdays and Thursdays in the CBD

I'm looking forward to being back at the City Bible Forum in a fortnights' time (Justin is speaking at the moment giving a three week series on suffering).

When I am back we're doing a series called 'Essential Jesus'

During the five weeks we will be encouraging people to give out copies of the Essential Jesus to their workmates throughout the CBD.

The series I am doing is all taken from the Essential Jesus.

1 Jesus weeps over the city Luke 19:28-48 (April 28, Pyrmont; April 29, Angel Place; April 30, Cathedral)
2 Jesus challenge to city leaders Luke 20:1-19 (May 5, Pyrmont; May 6, Angel Place; May 7, Cathedral)
3 Jesus, paying taxes and heaven Luke 20:20-39 (May 12, Pyrmont; May 13, Angel Place; May 14, Cathedral)
4 An essential meal Luke 22:7-38 (May 19, Pyrmont; May 20, Angel Place; May 21, Cathedral)
5 Blood sweat and tears Luke 22:39-46 (May 26, Pyrmont; May 27, Angel Place; May 28, Cathedral)

I plan to give the same series at our Tuesday lunchtime Bible talks at the Harlequin Hotel in Pyrmont.  These talks have been really going well this year.  We've been enjoying working together through the logic of Tim Keller's book Reason for God.  We will pick that up after this series from Luke.