Wedding Ceremonies

A thought on wedding ceremonies. I am off to Colinda and Brent’s wedding in an hour or so.

I am really big on encouraging the bride and groom to learn their wedding vows off by heart and then having them printed in the program.

I love it when couples are able to say their promises to each other unprompted on the day because they have gone over the words again and again.

It helps teach them and it helps teach those gathered that these promises are real. When they say the words of the promise they are promises that the couple own. They have been over the promises again and again as they have met the two or three weeks beforehand.

And a side benefit is that it allows me as the officiator to have a detailed discussion about the meaning of the promises a long time in advance, so after that discussion they can start practicing.

ps the generous people at St Thomas' North Sydney have lent us their building for the wedding today. We are looking forward to opening our building in October. There are two couples keen to get married then.