Imagine a church

At our church over the next seven weeks in personal bible reading, community group studies and in our Sunday meetings we will be using our imagination. We are asking ourselves to :

26 April 2009 - Imagine Christ
3 May 2009 - Remember what Christ has done
10 May 2009 - Imagine a church that follows Christ
17 May 2009 - Imagine a church that loves each other
22 May 2009 – Thanksgiving Dinner
24 May 2009 - Imagine a church that loves the lost
31 May 2009 - Imagine a church that blesses others (Gift and Pledge Sunday)
7 June 2009 - Imagine a church that parties

Most importantly we will be imagining the difference that a church like this could make for Christ in today’s world.

This is a series about the church, the body of people who together form the church. It is specifically a series about our church Annandale Community Church/Christians in the Media.

It highlights some of the great themes of the Bible that we are particularly excited about as a church.

This series will be conducted in conjunction with an appeal to give generously to our church operational costs and building appeal.

The series will stir our imaginations to be a church that truly impacts the world for Christ.

I hope that you enjoy and are challenged by this series.