Imagine Christ | 1 of 7

Our project as a church family the next seven weeks is to Imagine what Christ might do through us. We are spending the time 1. Giving thanks, 2. Setting forward a proto-vision for this ministry and 3. Asking for support.

It's linked to the fact that we are opening a new building on October 11, 2009 and so entering into a new phase of ministry. We are also changing the way we operate from a pastor model church to a team model church. And we are going to need everyone involved if we are to realise the vision that we think God has given us.

It's the start of the conversation rather than the last word. The elders are going to be taking note of what is said and digesting it and then reporting back at our AGM next march with a more concrete vision.

In the meantime we are also asking all involved with church for their take on how we as a church, their community group specifically and they individually are going at:
* Remembering what Christ has done
* Following Christ
* Loving each other
* Loving the lost
* Blessing beyond

We are also attempting to put the ministry on a sounder financial footing by asking for 12 month commitments of support to both our operational costs and building debt, as well as a one off gift towards the building ahead of June 30.

They are exciting times. But it marks a change from 'stake in the ground and run,' to planning to be a more settled long term sustainable steadily growing ministry.

Please pray for us.